Sunday, 28 July 2013

Customer Relationship Management

I am starting to code up CRM in @KwaMoja. In the past CRM has largely been ignored in webERP.

For this I have firstly added the ability to have sub areas. So for instance we could have the following setup:

                                             East African Community
                         |                         |             
                     Kenya               Uganda           
   |               |              |          |
             Coastal   Central

As you can see its now possible to have multilayer sales regions. 

Next I have added the sales area to the sales person record. So now a sales person can be allocated to a particular area. In the above diagram our sales person can be allocated to any of the areas. So they could cover the whole of Kenya, or they could just cover the area of Mombasa.

Also I have added a flag to the sales person record to record whether they are an area manager. Each Area can have only one area manager. 

So it is possible to have a regional manager for Kenya, and also an area manager for each of the regions, Coastal, Central, etc.

This has already been coded and committed to the development code. Now we need to look at configuring the sales cycle.


  1. Tim
    We have designed and written a CRM system that tracks movements of staff from company to company and allows multiple links for places, organisations,People and items (things).
    We called it The Knowledge - see
    This was in older character based technology but I would be happy to share the db design with you.
    I have spent a long time working with CRM and they all eventually get in a mess because people move, organisations get taken over etc etc.
    The Knowledge was written in older technology as you will see but if converted to a LAMP platform would integrate well. If linked with a good calendaring application and webERP I think it would be a market leader.

  2. Hi Bill,

    Would be very interested to see this.