Friday, 27 June 2014

A new partnership - Making your network more secure

I am pleased to announce that I have entered into a new partnership with a Ugandan company to deliver a variety of Network security services to Ugandan companies and organisations.

If you want to stop the government, or cyber criminals attacking your network - or just better manage your users' internet traffic, then drop me a line on and I will be pleased to get you a quote for your network.

Barely a day goes by without news of further security issues with our data. If it is not governments spying on us it is criminal gangs in search of our valuable data, or just to hold your data hostage.

The network security services we offer which include:
1.    Penetration tests, security risk assessments and audits tailored your needs, including:
•    Network security architecture review
•    Network penetration tests & assessments
•    Web application penetration tests & assessments
•    Wireless network penetration tests & assessments
•    Physical security assessments & penetration tests
•    Code review

2.    Threat Mitigation Services
•    Firewall deployment
•    IDS Roll-out
•    OS Hardening
•    Security Policy

3.    Rapid, effective, and discrete incident response services
•    Incident Response
•    Forensics
•    Expert Witness

4.    Supply of both virtual and hardware appliance Firewalls.  We deal with Barracuda and Check Point for:
•    Anti-phishing, Anti-spam, Anti-spoofing, Anti-spyware and Anti-virus
•    Cloud protection layer
•    Denial of Service (DoS) protection
•    Directory Harvest Attack protection
•    Email spooling and quarantine
•    Outbound email protection