Monday, 20 May 2013

Phil Daintree and his "hate pages"

This page is written in response to the lies that +Phil Daintree has written about me, and spread on the internet. Despite years of searching he has been unable to find anything I have written that is untrue, and he has had to resort to vague generalities, faked emails, and badly fabricated screenshots (you can see the joins if you zoom in using any bit mapped image editor). +Phil Daintree is welcome to make any comments to these pages, as he has done in the past. If I agree with what he says I will amend my writings, if I do not agree I have allowed his comments to stand next to mine so that people can make their own judgements. I have every confidence in the intelligence of readers to make a sensible judgement based on the facts. +Phil Daintree will not allow me the right of reply to any of the lies he has told about me. It seems to me significant that he realises that if people see both sides of the argument they will see through his lies.

Writing "Hate Pages" about fellow developers and then denying them the right to reply has always been Phil Daintree's weapon of choice when trying to bully developers out of the project. Back on 11 September 2007 when Phil was trying to bully most of the early webERP developers out of the project, he wrote to me telling me he had written one of his hate pages about them and was going to publish it on 

At the time I dissuaded him from this action. He again brought the subject on the following day, and again I had to dissuade him. Unfortunately when he came to writing his "hate page" about me there was nobody left to dissuade him.

These are used to force developers to leave quietly, as Phil maintains personal control over the mailing lists, the forums, the wiki and the web site, meaning that it is not possible to dispute any of the lies he writes within the project. What really annoys him about me is that I refuse to be intimidated off the project.

I received many warnings about this behaviour when I was first getting deeply involved in the project. Unfortunately I really didn't believe them. Obviously I should have, and have since apologised to those whose warnings I ignored.

Only by taking the stand I have can I hope to save current and future developers being treated in this way.

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