Sunday, 5 May 2013

KwaMoja now has a plugin architecture!

Yesterday Munir blogged about the new KwaMoja plugin architecture. As he says in his post this will enable both open source and commercial plugins to be written for KwaMoja. The code with this system in can be found here, and a demo plugin can be downloaded from here.

This is an exciting new development as it means that specialist areas, such as health and education, to name but two, can now have full KwaMoja support. Previously code for this sort of area would not have been part of the main line, as it would be too specific to be included.

It also provides an opportunity for third party developers to make money from the KwaMoja ecosystem.

KwaMoja plugins come as zip files, they must be uploaded to the KwaMoja installation from the browser interface, and then unpacked and installed via the same interface.

There are three scripts that have been added to KwaMoja: PluginUpload.php to load the plugin to the installation, PluginInstall.php to unpack and install the plugin and PluginUnInstall.php to remove the plugin.

Later today I hope to post a tutorial on how to create your own plugins.

This code could be adapted to work in webERP if Phil Daintree wanted to work with us on doing that. From his recent behaviour I suspect he wont.

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