Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New Work Order Entry script

I have never liked the old method of entering work orders in webERP and now I am no longer allowed to help people on the mailing lists and forums I have more time to devote to correcting it.

The old script didn't follow the normal webERP conventions, for instance it allocated a work order number, as soon as user clicked on that menu option, even if they didn't go on to enter an order, and this meant tracking order numbers was impossible. Sales and purchase orders both use a class to hold the order details in but Work orders didn't. The code was messy, and didn't abide by the coding guidelines.

In fact I am surprised it was ever allowed to corrupt the code base. I have just uploaded a revised script, which has more functionality, but in a lot less code. "Do more with less" is a good motto for these types of things.

Unfortunately I am not allowed to push this new functionality to the webERP svn repository, so you need to get it from here if you wish to test it. Hopefully someone who is still allowed to commit to svn will push it to webERP.

Any issues or bugs please let me know.

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