Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Lot's of great new functionality

KwaMoja has just gained lots of new functionality.

We now have a maintenance module for fixed assets. This allows you to set specific maintenance tasks for individual fixed assets, set up a schedule for these tasks to be done, and to email the person responsible with reminders when the tasks are becoming due.

Electronic bank statements in the MT940 format can now be imported and analysed directly into the KwaMoja general ledger.

Many thanks must go to Phil Daintree for this excellent contribution.

Phil has also setup a demo mode, which will stop whoever it is with an IP address in Wellington, New Zealand that has too much time on their hands and too little to occupy themselves. This person keeps trying to come up with new ways to wreck our demo. Thanks Phil for helping to stop them.

Also KwaMoja now links to Phil's new web shop, and it can be administered directly through KwaMoja. This web shop is commercial software, and not open source, so it is hard for us to test and verify, so caution  needs to be observed on the security side of this as it stores information about your customers payment methods. Nevertheless a great contribution, thanks Phil.

We now also have the ability to import general ledger journals, payments, and receipts directly from a csv file.

Also there is now a flag setting in the user setup that can restrict a user to only access their default location. Thanks Jerry for sponsoring this work.

All this new functionality can be tried out at the KwaMoja demo.

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