Monday, 30 December 2013

Mimi kumshtaki

This page is written in response to the lies that +Phil Daintree has written about me, and spread on the internet. Despite years of searching he has been unable to find anything I have written that is untrue, and he has had to resort to vague generalities, faked emails, and badly fabricated screenshots (you can see the joins if you zoom in using any bit mapped image editor). +Phil Daintree  is welcome to make any comments to these pages, as he has done in the past. If I agree with what he says I will amend my writings, if I do not agree I have allowed his comments to stand next to mine so that people can make their own judgements. I have every confidence in the intelligence of readers to make a sensible judgement based on the facts. +Phil Daintree will not allow me the right of reply to any of the lies he has told about me. It seems to me significant that he realises that if people see both sides of the argument they will see through his lies.

On the odd occasion I manage to beat the censor and manage to give my advice to people on the webERP forums and mailing lists I find that +Phil Daintree removes the advice I give. As can be seen here:

and many other places on that forum, my advice that I freely give just gets removed. I wasn't able to understand this until recently, when I got informed by several people that what happens is that once they have posted an issue to the mailing lists or forums +Phil Daintree writes privately to them saying he will give them the solution in return for money. This explains why he doesn't want me helping them for free as it undermines his business. Now I have no problem with people earning money out of the work I have done on webERP but if I give my advice for free on a forum supposedly meant for a free exchange of advice I think it should at lest be left there. I will leave it up to the readers to judge on the honesty and morality of a person who would act like this.

+Phil Daintree has taken to publishing private emails between us without first seeking my consent. Here and in one of his comments here for instance. Now there is nothing in t6hese emails that is either relevant or that I would not want published (indeed the first is an example of his stupidity in banning me from the forums) but it is generally accepted both in email and written correspondence that you don't publish private correspondence without the agreement of all parties. I will leave it up to the readers to judge on the honesty and morality of a person who would act like this.

+Phil Daintree has said that I was never banned on the forums. However this screenshot from the forum shows that he is telling yet another untruth:
As can be seen it is a lie that I have not ever been banned from the forum. I will leave it up to the readers to judge on the honesty and morality of a person who would act like this.

+Phil Daintree has said that he never refused to allow me to post my thoughts to the mailing list when a long term contributor to webERP died. Here is a screenshot:
Nearly 6 months on it has still not been accepted my the mailing list administrator (+Phil Daintree). As can be seen it is a lie that he has never stopped me sending my thoughts on Mo's death. I will leave it up to the readers to judge on the honesty and morality of a person who would act like this

The comments to this post include serious allegations against me and so I have forwarded details of this serious allegation against me to Windsor Engineering Group Limited (the employer of +Phil Daintree  ), the New Zealand online police department, the ACCA, and to my solicitors. - Tim


  1. Yes Tim is now banned from the forums - because he refuses to comply with the forum rule forbidding derogatory comments about others and links to such comments. I tried to just moderate his postings but he modified them reinstating the links to this nonsense. I was left with no alternative.

    I never saw this posting about Mo - I believe they were being automatically discarded. I have since changed the settings of the mailing list so I can forward messages that have some benefit to others.

    Tim makes it his mission to waste my time and defame me for reasons of his own.

    These ridiculous postings are Tim's vengeance in relation to matters now 3 years old! What sane person is capable of holding a grudge for this length of time?
    For balance in relation to these postings about me please see for some factual perspective.

    1. Phil,

      Can uoi point to one derogatory post on the webERP forums made by me? No, you can't. This is simply a lie, yet every post of yours contains a link to a site that contains what you agree are lies about me. Why continue this nonsense?

      Firstly it should be pointed out that the blog Phil has linked to and done in my name is actually not mine. It is a fake blog written under my name by a cowardly and dishonest man too ashamed to do it under his own name.

      Phil, only a few days ago you said I had never been banned from the forums or mailing lists, merely moderated but that screenshot was taken and published on this blog over 6 months ago. Yet another lie?

      Phil, we discussed my posting about Mo many months ago, and I even posted that screenshot on this blog many months ago.

      My mission is to make you behave in an honest and decent manner to the contributors and users of webERP. Telling lies about me, and then banning them from putting their side is dishonest and cowardly.

      Phil, how can you say those forum posts you deleted were from 3 years ago? That is just stupid when anyone can see the dates on them. Why lie when the truth is so obvious to everyone?

    2. Phil, I have simply pointed out some facts about your behaviour. Facts that you are unable to dispute. If you consider this derogatory then you should be looking at the behaviour itself, and not the person who highlights that bad behaviour. This is an important point. You keep whining that I point out to others when you behave badly, but there is a simple answer. Improve your behaviour!!

    3. Phil says "These ridiculous postings are Tim's vengeance in relation to matters now 3 years old! What sane person is capable of holding a grudge for this length of time?"

      This nonsensical personal abuse is typical of what I receive by email on an almost daily basis. At what point have I mentioned anything that happened 3 years ago? All this has happened just now. Stop trying to turn the subject away from your lies Phil, and be man enough to own up to your wrongs!

  2. I think my record of providing free help and code to the webERP community is reasonably well established.

    Where a person is unable to fix a problem even after several attempts I have made to help them, or they are unable to provide sufficient pointers to enable me to provide a fix - I have asked them for some consultancy work to fix it for them.

    1. This is plainly not true Phil. I have messages from people who say your demands for money come straight after their posting the problem. Why lie when there is so much evidence against you?. The reason you don't want my advice appearing on the forum is that you are sending these private message. BTW sending private messages is a privilege you deny to others.

  3. I don't wish to receive email from Tim and I have advised him that any email he sends me will be published if I wish to do so - in an attempt to discourage the spam. It should be no surprise to Tim is his email to me is published - there are many many emails of little value to anyone which I choose to ignore.

    1. Phil, I get many abusive emails from you, many using foul and abusive language, but I don't break the ethical code of publishing. The fact that you advised me that you were going to behave dishonestly does not make your dishonest actions ok. It just highlights the fact that you know it is a dishonest action.

      I allow your postings here, even though they are nonsense and derogatory towards me, because I believe everyone should have the right of reply. Freedom to put over your views is a very important thing to me. This is a right you have denied to many other developers you have fallen out with over the years. Why are you scared of openly debating these issues? I leave it up to the intelligence of the readers to decide for themselves.

  4. Tim,

    Please feel free to publish any foul and abusive emails you have received from me so that we can all see for ourselves. You know this again is a complete lie as with 95% of this blog.

    I have warned you that all email I receive from you I reserve the right to publish and if I could add, please do not send me any in future.

    The number of times you mention dishonesty in your blog will betrays the the truth to the astute reader. The truth in all this is that I am actually the one telling the truth - no matter how many times you say it Tim - you must be able to live with the fact that you are the dishonest one. I have merely exposed it because I will not have lies propogated through webERP forums or mailing lists. I have published the facts - they will remain there for as long as is necessary to ensure people are warned about your dishonest behaviour. Raising funds purportedly for good works and behaving as you do - I do hope no one has been taken in by you. I want to believe any money raised goes towards good work but based on my experiences with you, I would have serious concerns.

    1. Phil if 95% of this blog is untrue, how come you can't find anything untrue in it? As I have said repeatedly, just point out an untruth, back it up with some evidence and I will remove it. Where you have given me comments on anything I have written, I have placed them on that blog post. I cannot say fairer than that. I am happy for people to see this blog, and to see the fake blog you have written in my name and to make their own minds up, so I actively encourage you to send me comments on anything I have got wrong,

      As I said before, the fact that you have said you will act dishonestly does not actually excuse your dishonesty.

      You have never exposed any dishonesty of mine. Your fake blog written in my name never comes up with any lies I have told. Merely a lot of whines from you!

      I am passing your accusation that I steal from charities on to my solicitor. I very much hope you can back that up as it is a very serious allegation indeed.

    2. This comment is typical of the way Phil Daintree works. Vague generalised accusations with nothing to back them up. He has been carrying out his vendetta against me for 3 years now, and in all that time has not managed to find one thing that I have said that I knew to be untrue. As this blog shows he has, as part of his vendetta against me repeatedly told lies about me, and this is just the latest in a long series of them. It is sad that he has nothing better to do with his time than pursue this vendetta. Meanwhile more and more bugs creep into webERP that he cannot fix because it was me that suggested the fix.

      As this page is now the subject of an action against PhilDaintree I have been advised to shut it for any more comments, but people are free to comment on any other pages.

    3. I have forwarded details of this serious allegation against me to the New Zealand Armed Forces Canteen (the employer of Phil Daintree), the New Zealand online police department, the ACCA, and to my solicitors. - Tim