Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Banned for trying to help African hospitals improve services

This page is written in response to the lies that +Phil Daintree has written about me, and spread on the internet. Despite years of searching he has been unable to find anything I have written that is untrue, and he has had to resort to vague generalities, faked emails, and badly fabricated screenshots (you can see the joins if you zoom in using any bit mapped image editor). +Phil Daintree  is welcome to make any comments to these pages, as he has done in the past. If I agree with what he says I will amend my writings, if I do not agree I have allowed his comments to stand next to mine so that people can make their own judgements. I have every confidence in the intelligence of readers to make a sensible judgement based on the facts. +Phil Daintree will not allow me the right of reply to any of the lies he has told about me. It seems to me significant that he realises that if people see both sides of the argument they will see through his lies.

Earlier today I politely asked +Phil Daintree if I could mention Project Mtuha on the webERP forum and mailing list. The KwaMoja code is descended from webERP and so there is a great deal of webERP code in Project Mtuha. I asked him if he could come up with a form of words that was acceptable and I would use that  wording. Unfortunately not only did he say no, he has again banned me from helping webERP users on the forums and mailing lists, in order to stop me from mentioning our integrating our open source hospital for Africa.

The exact text of my email to him was :

"Subject: Project Mtuha


I would like to publicise this project on webERP. I realise you will
find a lot of things sensitive about it, so I am asking if you have
any ideas how this can be done to our mutual satisfaction?


I think it is clear that I was trying to be conciliatory, and at no point did I threaten to publicise the hospital system without the permission of +Phil Daintree  .

It is most disappointing that he should try to punish the webERP user base in this way.

It is also very strange as +Phil Daintree frequently uses the forums and mailing lists to promote his own commercial proprietary projects, while denying me the chance to put forward our open sourced free solution for African hospitals.

I thought we had moved past such silly behaviour when we spoke recently on the phone, but it seems Phil was not telling the truth. This is not the first time he has made such an agreement verbally and then reneged on it a short time later. It seems any agreement with him cannot be trusted!

It is typical of the way that +Phil Daintree works to make vague allegations and then when pressed for details he changes the subject. His tactics are to throw mud around and hope that some of it sticks. He has been proven again and again to be a liar and to be untrustworthy.


  1. For perspective in relation to this post please read:

    1. But Phil, this nonsense was discredited way back here http://weberpafrica.blogspot.com/2013/05/where-did-you-say-truth-was-phil.html. You have been unable to dispute any of the facts in that post, which discredits the entire post in the fake blog you have written in my name. Why do you continue to embarrass yourself by continually trying to push these lies? At least make up some new lies!!

  2. Hi Phil,

    I think there are two points here.

    1 It is a bit dishonest publishing a blog under my name when it has nothing to do with me. It should be made clear that this is a fake blog written pretending to be me. This is normal policy for other fake blogs (I remember a particularly funny one about Steve Jobs!).

    2 Is there anything in your blog that is relevant to this post? I didn't find it, but maybe I missed something?

    Thanks for taking an interest,

  3. My response to Tim for the record.:

    On 03/12/13 21:25, Tim Schofield wrote:
    > a) You have agreed that what I have written is true,
    Nope? You and I both know the truth of all of this. You appear to have you convinced yourself of some other reality or concocted some stories to fit facts which are incorrect?
    I never stopped you writing to Mo's family - never stopped committing my work - you have only ever been moderated on the list except for the short period while weberpafrica mail bounced etc etc etc...

    No matter how many times you state untruths - they remain untrue.

    > and
    > b) you have admitted that what you have written about me is lies, yet
    > you persist in pushing them.

    No - I have only written the truth and it remains the truth - it won't change?

    > How do you sleep at night making such comments??

    I sleep well and always have because I always tell the truth and insist on it. I do wonder how well you sleep?
    These things have a nasty way of coming back on you Tim and I suspect you are an unhappy person.

    Should I take it that you may well forget about your commitment not to publish lies or links to lies about anyone on the webERP mailing lists or forums?

    I take it very seriously as you know.

    > Tim
    > On 03/12/2013, Phil Daintree wrote:
    >> Yes, its a big deal to me as discussed at length already as I don't wish
    >> to be a party to distribution of lies or derogatory commentary about
    >> anyone ... least of all me - through any of the webERP sites.
    >> If you think there is even a possibility you may forget in future then I
    >> would prefer to moderate your postings so I can just prune it off if
    >> need be. Let me know how you wish to proceed.
    >> On the subject of promotion of your other activities - where they relate
    >> to webERP then that would be fine. However, this appears to be a Kwamoja
    >> related thing so best to publish there I think. This looks new project
    >> like a fine and worthy initiative for you to apply your skills to.
    >> Phil
    >> On 03/12/13 11:08, Tim Schofield wrote:
    >>> I take it off when I remember Phil, its just not a big deal to me as
    >>> it is to you. So sometimes I forget to remove it.
    >>> Tim
    >>> On 2 December 2013 22:07, Phil Daintree wrote:
    >>>> You "forgot" the Blog link??
    > On 19/11/2013, Phil Daintree wrote:
    >> Tim,
    >> As you well know your blog contains a lot of nonsense and lies about
    >> me.... as you also know I will not allow anyone to use the webERP
    >> web-site to advertise anything I know to be false or publish derogatory
    >> comments about anyone.
    >> The webERP forums are not for your advertising, we discussed this over
    >> the phone and my only condition for relaxing your access to forums and
    >> mailing lists. If there is any confusion around this then do let me
    >> know. I feel as though I am once again wasting my time with you Tim -
    >> please tell me I am wrong and that you will abide by the terms of our
    >> discussion in future.


    1. Phil wrote: "I never stopped you writing to Mo's family - " yet this post dated July 2013 http://weberp-accounting.1478800.n4.nabble.com/Re-Mo-Kelly-td4656585.html still says "This post has NOT been accepted by the mailing list yet."

      Why lie when the evidence against you is so overwhelming?

      Phil wrote: "you have only ever been moderated on the list" Yet on a previous blog post I have posted a screen shot which clearly says that my status is "banned".

      Why lie when the evidence against you is so overwhelming?

      Phil wrote: "No - I have only written the truth and it remains the truth - it won't change?"

      Yet you cannot dispute anything in these blog posts:


      All of which describe lies you have told. As I have repeatedly said I will amend any posts you show where I have made a mistake.

      Why lie when the evidence against you is so overwhelming?

      Phil wrote: "These things have a nasty way of coming back on you Tim and I suspect you are an unhappy person."

      I don't think I really need to comment on this nastiness. People can judge for themselves the manner of a man that could write such a thing.

      Phil wrote: "Should I take it that you may well forget about your commitment not to publish lies or links to lies about anyone on the webERP mailing lists or forums?"

      I strive all the time to only publish the truth. I have shown that I am willing to amend my blog where you provide feedback on your actions. I also allow you free and unfettered access to publish your replies to me, something you do not allow the others you attack with your lies. All I have ever wanted is that people should have access to both points of view in this dispute, and then I leave it up to their intelligence what they want to believe. This is something that you clearly do not believe in.

      Phil wrote "The webERP forums are not for your advertising, we discussed this over the phone and my only condition for relaxing your access to forums and mailing lists." -

      Strange Phil, you advertise your own company on every post you make. You advertise your own commercial products on the forums on the mailing lists and on the forum, yet you have a point of principle that I cannot advertise a charitable project for African hospitals? I leave bit up to the readers to decide for themselves on this as on the rest.


    2. As astute readers will have noticed Phil has published a private email above without the senders permission. This is another mark of the mans lack of honesty and lack of morals. It is up to the readers to decide for themselves as to what this saya about him.

  4. The blog at http://timschofield.blogspot.co.uk
    is all about you and the first sentence:
    "This is the narrative of Phil Daintree - no anonymity. I will testify to any of the below in a court of law. I have email and screenshots to support all of this. "
    Makes it reasonably clear to most readers whose narrative it is.

    1. Then why not be honest with people instead of trying to hide behind my name Phil? Why not write the blog as you and not me? I am sure any readers will judge you on this - shame on you Phil. I have told you over and over again that honesty is the best policy. If you had only been honest with people in the first place all this could have been avoided.

    2. mr phil, i agree with tim it is always more honest on internet to post as yourself and not pretend to be others.

    3. I agree with you, it is dishonest, and the act of a coward for him to post his hate pages under my name.
      Mind you, according to Phil's version of events it took him 4 months to summon up enough courage to tell me that he had removed me as admin, and even then he did it via a public mailing list, rather than to me personally. Perhaps his middle name is coward? :)

  5. I think it time now to stop all these none sense things.

    webERP is how it is,na kwaMoja as it is.They are both Open an written in on Language PHP...let each other take his way, with their products respectively.

    1. While you continue to put lies about me on the internet, and prevent me putting my side of the story, then I will continue to publish the truth. Then people can make their own minds up based on the real facts, not on your censored view of the world.

    2. Phil, I wont stop posting my rebuttals of your lies, while you continue to publish them. However what I will offer to do is to hide any blog posts that expose your bad behaviour if you agree to the following:

      1 You remove all the lies that you have published about me, and take down the fake blogs that you have done under my name.

      2 You make a full apology to me and to the webERP community for the dishonesty and disrespect that you have shown us. This apology should be published on the mailing lists and the forums.

      3 You should hand over control of the project and it;s resources to a group elected by the community, as Geordon Malchat proposed to you in an email some time ago. This will ensure that the project is run for the good of it's users rather than as a vehicle for your personal vendettas.

      If you do these things, and promise not to return to your past ways, I will take down any postings that highlight your dishonest and cowardly actions, and we can all finally move on.


    3. Funny that you should post as anonymous Phil :-)