Monday, 1 September 2014

Bizarre behaviour of LinkedIn and other social media thoughts.

This page is written in response to the lies that +Phil Daintree  has written about me, and spread on the internet. Despite years of searching he has been unable to find anything I have written that is untrue, and he has had to resort to vague generalities, faked emails, and badly fabricated screenshots (you can see the joins if you zoom in using any bit mapped image editor). +Phil Daintree  is welcome to make any comments to these pages, as he has done in the past. If I agree with what he says I will amend my writings, if I do not agree I have allowed his comments to stand next to mine so that people can make their own judgements. I have every confidence in the intelligence of readers to make a sensible judgement based on the facts. +Phil Daintree  will not allow me the right of reply to any of the lies he has told about me. It seems to me significant that he realises that if people see both sides of the argument they will see through his lies.

I recently received an email from LinkedIn that told me that user +Phil Daintree had complained that I was using a logo supporting  the work I do in Africa instead of a photo of a person and that they had removed that logo.

Now this got me thinking. Not just about how +Phil Daintree  ought to find more constructive uses for his time, but also about the fact that LinkedIn have no idea of what I actually look like, so would have no way of knowing whether the picture I put on was me, or a picture of any of you who are reading this. All of the information about me on my profile is accurate and there was never any prospect of anybody accidentally believing tricked into believing that logo was actually a picture of my face!

So LinkedIn are happy for me to use a photo of a random person, but not happy for me to use a logo of an open source project supporting Africa. Come on LinkedIn that is a nonsense.

Social media should be about empowering me to share information about me that I want to share.

People should also be aware that +Phil Daintree has written a blog pretending to be me, and another blog pretending to be on behalf of the KwaMoja project. People should be aware of this as it is typical of the dishonest way that +Phil Daintree operates. Too cowardly to write under his own name.

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