Monday, 13 October 2014

Upgrading from webERP to KwaMoja

With the still unfixed $AllowAnyone security issue and the recent buggy release of webERP a number of people have asked me how to upgrade from webERP to KwaMoja.

Well it really couldn't be more easy! Thanks in no small part to the hard work of Fahad we have kept an easy upgrade path, despite the numerous improvements and enhancements we have done in KwaMoja.

So if you want to take advantage of the stability, security, and additional features of KwaMoja here is what you do:

1 Backup everything. This includes all your webERP databases, and all of your webERP code.
2 Download the latest KwaMoja code from here:
3 Extract the files from here and copy them over your current webERP implementation.
4 Make sure that the webserver user has read and write permissions on everything under the companies directory.
5 Login to your new KwaMoja implementation using the same url and the same login credentials that you used for webERP
6 You should now be greeted with a screen telling you that there are database updates to do. Click Continue to do these updates. You may get some error messages telling you that some of these have failed. Do not worry about these, it just means that the data was already there.
7 Once this is completed, log out of KwaMoja.
8 In each of your companies directories you should now have a file called Companies.php. This should contain a line some thing like this:

$CompanyName['weberpdemo'] = 'weberpdemo';

Change this to be the name of your database and the full name of your company/organisation. eg.

$CompanyName['kwamoja'] = 'KwaMoja Demonstration Company';

Once you have done this refresh the login screen and the full company names should appear.
9 Log back in to KwaMoja. Some themes work better than others in KwaMoja. We recommend that you use the "aguapop" theme for the best interface.

And thats it, you have now upgraded. Any problems log them onto the forums!!

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