Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Help required!!

I have had a plan bubbling away for sometime to take care2x and KwaMoja and merge them together as one complete integrated package. I have written before about how KwaMoja and Care2x have been used in African hospitals, using the KwaMoja api to communicate between the two applications. Now my idea is to create a single open sourced application with a unified interface and a single login that can be rolled out across hospitals all over the continent.

However this requires resources which as ever are in short supply. To get good African programmers who can work full time on this project requires money.

My idea to raise this is to start a Kickstarter project to generate the funding. However I need some help, as a lot of this stuff requires marketing skills that I do not possess. For instance they say a promotional video is more or less essential to a successful project, but I do not have the first idea of how to create one.

There is no money to pay for these services up front, but if someone wants to volunteer (remember that KwaMoja and Care2x have been written by volunteers down the years) I could look to recompensing them later if and when the project gets funded, as a promotional video could be useful in pushing the final software to hospitals. Obviously anybody helping would also gain a lot of publicity for their skills.

If anyone is interested in helping this in any way, then please send me an email on

Thanks in advance!!


  1. The fastest way to start the project is to use your own money. Here is one fact about Care2x that I never told anybody before. I spent between $25K to $30K in developing Care2x from 2002 to 2005. That amount does not even take into the account the expenses of people who volunteered.

    1. Hi Elpidio, yes I too have invested heavily in my open source projects. However I do not have the money for this, and also if I am to include African developers it wont happen without the cash. This is a sad but true fact. - Tim

  2. Hi, we have been involved in extending care2x for a group of hospitals in Uganda. Because of significant changes to the origin version, we are in the process of documenting the new variation, and make it available for interested people.

    We have no problem contributing some developers time to advance care2.

  3. If you're going to make specifications for the programming I can help by reviewing and discussing the underlying purpose of the project. In that way we'll also know a bit more about the funding needed

  4. Hello I am interested for the project but before plunging in it I want detail information about project. You may put me detail at my email address which is